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Maximize efficiency with fiber laser + press brake duo

Fiber Laser 2.0

Meet the second generation fiber laser, which will cut faster at lower cost than any CO2 laser at the same laser power.

Redefining Efficiency

Rethink the way you look at press brakes. Hybrid operations can save energy and keep costs low.

Tiny Footprint. Big Impact.

The new generation fiber laser comes with a miniature version packing big production values.

Unparalleled Roll Bending Excellence

Discover the safer, faster, more productive way to bend plates.

Latest News


Fiber + Brake Duo Offers Compact Efficiency

With a smaller footprint and lower cost, Durma’s second generation linear fiber laser is the latest in Durma’s commitment to offering the best solutions for laser cutting.


Product Spotlight: Plate Rolls

Durma plate rolls are manufactured using parametric 3D design software and both static and mechanical analysis.

About Durma

Durma maintains status as the world's largest volume producer of metal fabrication machinery. Durma manufactures CNC press brakes, turret presses, punching machines, lasers, shears, ironworkers, plate rolls, angle rolls, and saws.



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